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The Fixed Design Method provides as high a level of integration as possible between your Home Management System and your home's subsystems while protecting the investment you already have in those subsystems. It is the method of choice when the subsystems have already been selected or installed, i.e. "fixed".
After we learn what features you would like to have in your Home Management System, we assess the features and integration capabilities of the subsystems that may be involved in the HMS design. This assessment typically takes between two and six weeks to complete.
With a firm understanding of the issues and the tools with which we have to work, we next discuss your available options with you. Unless a subsystem is completely closed to the outside world, we can usually provide some level of control of it through the HMS. We will also inform you of any limitations that may be present as well as any alternatives that can minimize those limitations.
After you select the options that best fit your home management goals, your HMS design is finalized over the next six to twelve weeks and system installation and commissioning is scheduled.

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