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Electronic Solutions Company is committed to ensuring the privacy of our site visitors. This policy describes what visitor information we collect and how we use it.
To improve our Web site, we analyze our Web usage logs to understand how people are using the site. Occassionally, we will review these logs to determine specific paths site visitors take through our site. Every page on our site has been placed here to provide meaningful information to our visitors. By reviewing our usage logs, we can better understand which pages have met that goal and which pages require improvement to better relay the information to our visitors.
We request name and email information only when a visitor submits this information to us through a contact form. We use this information to respond to our visitors with information they specifically request. Occasionally, we may send unsolicited email informing past visitors of updates to our site, or new services or products that we may offer that might be of interest to our site visitors. Any visitor can choose to remove an email address from our mailing list by sending email to remove@electronicsolutionsco.com.
The Electronic Solutions Company Web site does not use any cookies or other tracking devices other than the industry standard log files created on our server. These logs are only capable of tracking what pages are visited on the www.ElectronicSolutionsCo.com site, and cannot be used to track a visitor's travels elsewhere on the Web.

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