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Electronic Solutions Company
began in 1994 as an electronic engineering consulting firm specializing in digital control and high-speed data communication systems. ESC was formed as a partnership between Automation Technologies Inc. founded by Mario Leone and Rosenberry Consulting Ltd. founded by Steve Rosenberry. Both Mario and Steve have been engineering consultants for commercial clients for more than thirty years.
In addition to his commercial consulting business, Mario Leone, ESC's Senior Partner responsible for hardware design, has been a leader in the home automation industry for many years. Industry respect earned ESC a long-term consulting contract in 1996 with a major home automation manufacturer. In 1997, this manufacturer refocused their efforts and licensed to ESC the core software technology used today in most of ESC's home management systems.
ESC's staff has been involved with the residential market since 1971. They are highly experienced in: general contracting, security, lighting control, environmental control, audio, video, electronic, electrical and electromechanical devices found within the home. ESC has served on the CEBus standards committee and has advised, trained and provided engineering and technical support to home automation manufacturers, dealers, and installers. ESC's diversified background plus their 50+ years of experience provides the necessary understanding of the installation and interaction of your home's subsystems.
The unique engineering experience that ESC has brought to the home management market has led to multiple invitations by the industry's premier trade organization, CEDIA, to share that experience with others. Since 1998, both Mario and Steve have developed and taught courses on basic and advanced home management system design, testing techniques, and business and project management at CEDIA Expo. Both gentlemen are CEDIA Certified Instructors teaching core curriculum courses for the CEDIA Certification exams.
In addition, Mario is a CEDIA Subject Matter Expert in data communications, systems integration, and control systems, and serves on the Home Theater Designer Certification Committee developing the certification exam for Home Theater Designers. He is also the CEDIA University Dean for the Electronic System Designer(ESD) Curriculum and is a member of the ESD Curriculum Development Committee.
Sharing in the CEDIA volunteer efforts, Steve is a CEDIA Subject Matter Expert in system integration and programming, data communications, and the management of residential integration projects.
The depth and breadth of ESC's engineering experience is the single most essential key to their successful design of home management systems.
 What Makes ESC Unique?
 We are Professionals.
ESC has always insisted on the highest professional standards for its personnel. Client relations are key to ESC's success, and they have acquired many new clients on their reputation for honesty, fairness, and professionalism. A testament to this reputation is the fact that they have maintained all of their original client relationships.
The final measure of your trust and comfort with ESC can only be made by you...trust and comfort grows as the professional relationship between yourself and ESC grows. This relationship starts with you and ESC talking and listening to each other, and ultimately learning about each other.

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