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Electronic Solutions Company offers as its primary product a design and build service for highly-customizable Home Management Systems. The actual physical product, a custom Home Management System, is born of this design service. Your home and your desires for home management are unique, so too are our systems. Our custom systems reach beyond the boundaries and limitations of standard systems and solutions. ESC's limitless solution provides a no-compromise Home Management System for no-compromise lifestyles and homes.
An ESC Home Management System can do as little or as much as you wish. The primary goal is to provide extremely reliable control of the many different features of your home such as lighting, environmental, whole house audio/video, home theater, or security. It can also control many other home "widgets" like doors, locks, spas, drapes, fountains, gates, etc... Your HMS may control only one or two of these features, all of them, or any combination you wish.
ESC's proven engineering, standard commercial-grade hardware, mature software, and design and installation methods give your home management and lifestyle dreams a solid foundation in reality.

You can learn more about the actual hardware and engineering that makes an ESC Home Management System the most reliable on the market with the topics to the left, or you can review our different Reference Designs to get an idea of the many features available in an ESC HMS.

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