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ESC to release VITAS™ Software September 5, 2007 at CEDIA Expo

The VITAS Software is a Virtual Integration Tool And Simulator providing custom electronics dealers the ability to program, test, and simulate the interaction between a home control system and subsystems virtually —
without the subsystem hardware.

The VITAS Software provides three primary functions:

  • Command Generation and Execution Select a subsystem command, provide parameter values, and generate the full command packet including any checksum or CRC values. Send the command to an attached subsystem to verify functionality.
  • Communication Capture and Analysis Monitor the networked or serial communications between systems. Display the fully decoded captured packets with timing information. Ensure that commands and responses are correct and as expected.
  • Simulation of Subsystem Hardware Test the full interaction of an installation's subsystem inputs and outputs using only the control system and the VITAS Software. Eliminates the need for test hardware or a visit to the installation site to verify programming before release.

ESC's VITAS Software runs on the Microsoft® Windows XP and Windows Vista™ operating systems utilizing the Microsoft .NET Framework.

As an Electronic Solutions Company dealer, you gain access to the premier dealer support organization in the home automation and home management industry. Our systems, methods, and dealer programs are designed to let you focus on what you do best — educate your clients about the wide range of home management possibilities.
Besides the superior flexibility and reliability of ESC Home Management Systems, our dealers feel the following benefits of working with ESC provide the winning advantage in the very competive high-end home management market:

Efficient Shared Project Management — ESC manages the technical details; you manage the installation and people.
Extensive Industry Knowledge — ESC can answer most questions about how different subsystems work and why they work that way.
Shared Commitment to Client and Service — ESC recognizes the importance of your good reputation with clients and places as high a priority on it as you do.
Highly Rewarding Dealer Programs — ESC also recognizes the importance of your representation of our Systems and handsomely rewards your hard work.
Sign Up Now To Become A Dealer — ESC will review your application and call you to setup a dealer program designed to make you successful.

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