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One crucial difference between an ESC Home Management System and many others is our ability to work with the systems you specify for your home's features. ESC does not sell you the underlying systems for your home nor do we insist upon any one particular manufacturer or brand. You choose these systems to best suit your needs, and they are then integrated with your HMS. With that in mind, your choice of systems should take into consideration that you also want to control them through your HMS. Systems that provide for external control are simpler to integrate with an HMS and provide more functionality than those that can only be controlled through proprietary devices.
Achieving the best design for your Home Management System does not happen by accident. Depending upon your specific situation and, in particular, where your new home is in its design and build schedule, we will approach your system design using one of the following methods:
Reference Designs are the simplest design method. Basing your Home Management System on a reference design is similar to selecting a set of home plans from a book and having your architect modify them slightly to meet your needs. The reference designs are based upon certified and field-tested subsystems and provide a jump start to the design process. Pick the reference design that resembles most the HMS feature set you want, and together we modify it to fit your wishes exactly. Reference designs are best used early in your home's design and build schedule and the subsystem requirements for your home are flexible. If your home has specific requirements, read on for the Open Design Method.
Our Open Design Method combines our Technology Consultation services with the HMS design process. ESC assists in selecting subsystems that best fit your home while ensuring their integration capabilities fit your Home Management System needs. This method is similar to commissioning an architect to design a custom home. This provides the greatest design flexibility and the highest levels of creativity and system functionality. The Open Design Method can only be used if your home's subsystems have not been specified yet. If the subsystems have been specified, read on for the Fixed Design Method.
Our Fixed Design Method assesses the integration capabilities of the specific subsystems for your home and produces an HMS design to maximize those capabilities. This is the design method used to maximize the investment you have in the existing subsystems when a home is well along in its build schedule or you are retrofitting an existing home.


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