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Just answer the question — "Who do you want to be in charge here?" Although home automation has the Jetson-era, steak-sizzle appeal, do you really want a computer making fundamental decisions about your home's operation?
Didn't think so!
When you came to our website, you may have been focusing on home automation, That's understandable. Home automation is the standard umbrella term for many devices that provide a higher-level of control of your home. Consider instead your true goal for coming here: To discover a way to simplify living in your home.
Many home automation devices and systems take that word, "automation," too literally. They blindly perform a task based upon cold, hard input data.
Consider the following:
A motion detector turns on the light when you enter the bathroom. To turn it off, hit the light switch on the way out. Too bad moving your hand away from the light switch after you turn it off, turns it back on.
You walk towards the front door from inside. Sensing your presence, the door unlocks to let you go out. Too bad you really only wanted to see who was at the front door before you let them in.
You walk towards the back door from outside. Sensing an intruder, the door locks to keep them out. Hope you got your keys!

Silly examples? Unfortunately for the entire industry, no. True story! All of the above were taken from a story in the July 5th, 1999 issue of Newsweek. The house — owned by Steve Kirsch, founder of InfoSeek. (Maybe you used his web portal to get here.)
Now that you know you don't want home automation, let's get back to your goal of simpler living. Home Management Systems by Electronic Solutions Company focus on the intelligent, functional grouping of features or different areas of your home. The key to successful home management is to control the function of your home. As a simple example consider the following possible uses of your den:
To watch TV. Press the TV button, and the lights are set correctly and the TV turns on. Simple enough.
To watch a movie. Press the Movie button, and again the lights are set correctly. Make sure the TV is off. Lower the screen, turn on the projector, and access your DVD jukebox.
To enjoy an after dinner drink with guests. Press the Entertain button. A different lighting scene this time. TV off. Screen up. And soft jazz as background music.

Consider all the different actions you need to take to prepare a room or, for that matter, your whole house for any function. The key to simpler living in your home is to combine as many of those actions as possible and make those functional moods easily accessible.

The key to simpler living is Home Management!
Not home automation.

The key to simpler living is the 45 years of knowledge and experience of Electronic Solutions Company.
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